24 décembre 2021

day 1

As soon as we are arrived, we have known that we were in New zealand ;)

First, we have been in the capital, Wellington with our rucksack.

In france we had research an hotel on

WELLINGTON - 28 Février: Air New Zealand Boeing 767 Avion Atterrit à L'aéroport International De Wellington Le 28 Févr 2013.It était La Seule Compagnie Aérienne à Faire Le Tour Du Monde Jusqu'en

Our hotel is very beautiful🥳 !

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12 décembre 2021

day 2

we have visited wellington in a little bus. 

We have taken a ticket for a museum "Te Papa Tongarewa" and as we love the culture of the maori

Nouvelle-Zélande : le Haka, bien au-delà du rugby |

we decided to go to a lesson to learn haka💃.
The haka war dance is a display of the tribe's pride and strength.
We went to sleep to enjoy tomorrow :)

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11 décembre 2021

day 3


Grimper dans les meilleurs spots d'escalade de Nouvelle-Zélande - Invitation au voyage

Today, we decided to rock clinbing, we had vertigo,it was very hight!

Then hike in the mountain, the countryside was beautiful 😍!!


WHITEBAIT INN MOKAU - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor




We came back to Wellington to have diner in a typical resaurant of New zeland, we ate bait! it's very delicious.

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day 4


Today we are going to visit the island on a boat. I'm seasick, I'm afraid of throwing up in the boat🤢!!!



Découverte et randonnée en Nouvelle Zélande | Tirawa




The scenery was so amazing I didn't have time to be sick, then the boat we have dropped us off on a beautiful

beach, we took the opportunity to bathe and sunbathe. 

But I have a sunburn, it hurts so much and I have no more cream to put on it

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10 décembre 2021

day 5

Today,we take a train to Auckland, when we arrived we dropped our bag and we visited a zoo. there were full of animals 

The kiwi it's the typical animal of new zealand and it's really cute




We also saw tiger, lion, pinguin, sheep, seagull, pavola ...






The animals are very beautiful ;)                                  











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08 décembre 2021

day 6






Today we are going to rest a little ...this morning weare going to go shopping in the city of Auckland.








Then we are going to eat in a fish and fish and chips restaurant. In the afternoon we will go to visit the city, I'm so excited.

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07 décembre 2021

day 7

Today, we took the plane to oamaru, the trip lasted 1 hour 30 ✈






When we arrived we found a hotel not

very far from the center , it is really beautiful.😍









Then we went to the "grainstore gallery", 

it's really special places but we learned a

lot of information and it's very inspiring.

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